Sucking at chess

I have been making some progress with the tactics trainer on I finally broke the 1800 rating mark. I continue to read throw “The Amatuer’s Mind” by Jeremy Silman. It makes a lot of sense, but I find it difficult to think about a plan and positioning and potentially doing a tactic as it arises. When doing the tactics training, I know a tactic is somewhere to be found, no such luck during a game.

I have been playing blitz games (10 / 0). I am terrible. I am rated in the mid 1100’s.

I plan to keep reading through “The Amateur’s Mind” and doing tactics. I will start playing a few more blitz games to get better at openings and work on thinking a bit faster on my feet. I am playing two daily games as well.

Looking forward to moving on to reading “How to reassess your chess”.

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