I am continuing with “The Amateur’s Mind” and am up in the 1900’s for tactics trainer. I read somewhere that had a

Sucking at chess

I have been making some progress with the tactics trainer on I finally broke the 1800 rating mark. I am continuing to read “The Amateur’s Mind” by Jeremy Silman. It makes a lot of sense, but I find it difficult to plan, position and potentially do a tactic as sit situation arises. For example,

Chess Master Progress

I have been reading through a book by Jeremy Silman, “The Amateur’s Mind” and working on the tactics trainer. I was sitting around a 1650 average on tactics trainer from 4/15 to 4/22 and the last few days, moved my way up to the 1700’s. I am hoping that is progress. I have not

Becoming a Chess Master

To become a national chess master in the United States, one must have a 2200 rating. According to, less than 1% of rated players hold this title. Just looking in Ohio, there are more than 26,000 rated players and less than 100 are rated as national masters. Looks like becoming a national master in

Journey to do well at hobbies

Pumpkins, Chess and Bowling Is it possible to grow a pumpkin to 1000 lbs in a small backyard without sun past 4pm? Is it possible to get to a perfect game in bowling (300) by only bowling one game per week? Is it possible to become a national chess master (2200 rating) by doing a