My Beginning

Grower: The Pumpkin Master

Prior Experience: Prior experiences were with raising big max pumpkins up to 50 lbs

Giant Pumpkin Career: The Pumpkin Master was introduced to giant pumpkins in 1999 and acquired Atlantic Giant seeds and great information from generous growers on email lists.

The 1999 Season – The Start

During the growing season of 1999, TPM raised the 405 lbs. Sanchez (747 Wyckoff 98 x self). The pumpkin was 10′ 5″ out on the main vine, pollinated on June 15th and was harvested on October 1st. The OTT was 114 79 75 = 268 estimated at 399.9 pounds. The actual weight was 1.2% heavy. This pumpkin was grown in a 100 square foot plot of land in┬ádesert like temperatures (Central Valley of California). Average daily temperatures were in the high 90’s and there were weeks at a time where temperatures were over 100 degrees. Just a few weeks prior to pollinating the first pumpkin, there was a hail storm that destroyed all of the leaves.

what I learned in my first year:
– Water, water and then water some more.
– Keep conditions very similar from day to day to avoid aborts and exploding pumpkins.
– Treat any stem splits or scrapes with a fungicide.
– Keep on a regular spraying schedule.


Two pumpkins were grown

Seed: 747 Wyckoff 98 x 581.5 Welty.
Germination date: April 15th 1999
Pollination date: June 12th.
Stats: Harvested September 25th 99 63 65= 227 OTT
Est. weight= 253 lbs.
Act weight= 250 lbs. UOW


Seed: 747 Wyckoff self pollinated.
Germination date: April 15th
Pollination date: June 15th.
Stats: Harvested October 1st 114 79 75= 268
Est. weight= 400 lbs.
Act. weight= 405 lbs. at Elk Grove placing 21st