I am continuing with “The Amateur’s Mind” and am up in the 1900’s for tactics trainer. I read somewhere that had a

Sucking at chess

I have been making some progress with the tactics trainer on I finally broke the 1800 rating mark. I am continuing to read “The Amateur’s Mind” by Jeremy Silman. It makes a lot of sense, but I find it difficult to plan, position and potentially do a tactic as sit situation arises. For example,

Chess Master Progress

I have been reading through a book by Jeremy Silman, “The Amateur’s Mind” and working on the tactics trainer. I was sitting around a 1650 average on tactics trainer from 4/15 to 4/22 and the last few days, moved my way up to the 1700’s. I am hoping that is progress. I have not

Becoming a Chess Master

To become a national chess master in the United States, one must have a 2200 rating. According to, less than 1% of rated players hold this title. Just looking in Ohio, there are more than 26,000 rated players and less than 100 are rated as national masters. Looks like becoming a national master in

Bowling a 300 game

What are the odds on bowling a perfect game? From a casual reading of random articles and posts on the internet, not too difficult. Most lanes have an oiling pattern (more oil in the middle, less toward the edges) to funnel the ball to the pocket. This leads to more strikes, higher scores and bowlers

Journey to do well at hobbies

Pumpkins, Chess and Bowling Is it possible to grow a pumpkin to 1000 lbs in a small backyard without sun past 4pm? Is it possible to get to a perfect game in bowling (300) by only bowling one game per week? Is it possible to become a national chess master (2200 rating) by doing a